What Holds You

I feel myself falling with the wind pushing against me trying to break my fall.  I hit the water so hard it knocks the breath from me. I sink faster and faster into the dark water. I am lost in the darkness until I feel myself start to float to the top at a speed faster than from which I fell. I rise from the surface and fill my lungs with the night air.  The things that have a hold on me always bring me back.


I’d like to think I have nothing but free will. I do as I wish and I have nothing to stop me.  This isn’t the  way things are. There are things and people in this world that have a death grip on me.  Some I’d love to shake but others I need. If I don’t have something to keep me grounded then I would surely drown.  There are people who come into your life and they turn it upside down and leave one helluva mess. They shake things up and rattle your cage.  No matter what happens you can’t ever be free of them. You would fall into the darkness.

It’s always complicated and man it can rip you apart at times.  There are days when in a moment of clarity you see so far into the future and you know why you won’t let go.  If you can work out the kinks then it’s always worth it.  This life is a one shot deal. I will die trying to grasp my happiness. Let the things that hold you be your happiness. Don’t let go of the dream. If what holds you brings you joy then let it be. Cut the chains of the things that hold you down under the water.  Hold on to the good things that hold on to you.


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