She got a Trip to the Hamptons and I got a Mass

This story isn’t pretty,  It will get ugly. It’s the raw truth of a series of events.  They are still fresh and not going anywhere.  It was a normal morning just like any other. I rushed to get ready and get out the door. I managed to drag the kids out of bed and get them going so I could leave. I had an hour to get to my appointment and I wanted to get it over with.  I tried to be positive and upbeat about it. It’s probably nothing like last time but deep down I felt different.

images (9)     Hurry up and wait. I was a tad anxious but finally it was my turn.  The tech was a very nice lady. Over the next thirty minutes she took several images.  When she was done she had to check with the radiologists to see it he wanted more. She came back and told me that he wanted to look at another area closer. I didn’t think that was a good thing. I saw what she was talking about on the screen. I knew I was screwed. She went back to the radiologists to see if he wanted an ultrasound. She came back and told me that he wanted an ultrasound. I almost choked. I knew I was up the creek without a paddle then. It ain’t good Leanne. It ain’t good.

rainbow_dash_ah_crap_by_physicallypossible-d3jcs50     I waited in a small area wearing a hideous hospital gown and my clothes in my hand.  There was another woman waiting.  She was back for her second mammogram in two weeks. She was screwed too.  The tv was on and the station was playing one of those morning talk shows. I’m not sure which one it was because I was kinda out of it. The woman and I spoke about our crap luck.  This beautiful host on Tv had perfect hair and make up. Her mocha complexion was smooth and flawless, She wore a white dress that was very fitting. She looked perfect. She started talking about one of the guests at the network she got to see. She was happy because her father had enjoyed the guest’s show.

Her co-workers told her that they had arranged a cooking session for her and the Barefoot Contessa. The woman burst into tears and all I wanted was for her to just stop it. I got a tad angry and decided the lady I was sitting with needed a laugh and so did I. “Look at her and her perfect face and body.  She has a great job and heck just look at her, She’s crying because she is about to be whisked away in a limo to the Hampton’s for God’s Sake.  Listen lady I get the excitement and I am sorry you lost your dad but come on. I will trade and go to the Hampton’s any day of the week.  This lady and I are sitting in cheap hospital gowns and we have went through enough hell today with a mammogram machine.  What the hell are you crying for? Shut the hell up before I give you something to cry about.” We laughed so hard that we both cried after my fit.


it was time for my ultrasound.  It didn’t take long to get what images they needed.  I was happy to get out of there. I had an appointment the next day to go over the results with my NP. All I could do is wait.  I would have gladly taken a trip to the Hampton’s instead of having this stupid mass.


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