Tuesday’s Gone

Tuesday sucked more than Monday did.  Nobody gives a rats behind where I’m concerned. It’s been a real bitch to find out once again who my real friends are.  Let me tell you just how petty people can be. I’ve been involved with a few people who dropped me the first chance they could. Some people are cowards. Whatever. If you can’t handle an unknown abnormality then you sure as hell can’t handle my depth and intensity. I’m a helluva lot smarter than you can wrap your head around.  Sorry but my breasts aren’t important to me. I hate it for you.


What really makes me want to punch somebody in the face is a fraud.   These are the people who come into your life and act like they give a rats ass about you.  The say all the right things and make you feel less of a freak about your current situation.  They provide a welcome distraction for a very short time.  It doesn’t take long to figure out that something better came along. Easy come easy go. I can’t really blame anyone for not getting involved with me in any capacity at this moment in time. My current situation is a crock.  The thing some men don’t realize is I’ve heard every line and every excuse. I know a player when I see one. I was once a coach. You can’t play the master unless she allows it.  I’m pretty much zero tolerance for games at the moment. I’ve turned into that crabby old bitch on the greeting cards.

images (11)

I’m thinking that it’s time to officially retire from dating.  I’ve proved this year that I am horrible at it and I’m not relationship material.  I was happier during the fifteen month vacation I took from dating. I must have been stuck on stupid this summer when I got involved with one bad choice after the next. Yeah I’m over it.  I’ve got two days before it’s show time. I very seriously doubt that a certain person will be showing up at my door with flowers.  It ain’t happening. I’d settle for a lottery win. The kids would have a great Christmas and so would my real friends. It’s tiring as hell going out of your way all the time to bring others joy when you always run on empty.

Tuesday’s gone and Wednesday looks like a real pain. Stay turned. I may flip out on someone.


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