Bite it Sideways

Do you ever want to break something or fire twenty-five rounds or so into an inanimate object?  Some days I want to.  Hell sometimes I want to burn stuff but then I realize arson is a felony and I’m not built for jail time. Shouting a stream of obscenities a mile long seems to help my disposition.  If I had a fast car then I’d race some unsuspecting schmuck…Wait a minute I race all the time in my foxbody 2.slowwwwwwwwwwwww. She’s a sleeper and her operator is a beast. I like to listen to loud music with plenty of expletives. If I really need relief I will throw back a cold beverage. Right now I want to scream and flip out on somebody. Yes, I have gone mad for real.

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The older I get the less tolerance I have for bs in general. I really am a nice person but as you can see I have a nasty temper.  Sometimes I let it get out of hand like it did in the first paragraph.  I was upset because my feelings got hurt. I don’t know why I worry with the pettiness of life and such. People will use you up if you let them. Lucky for me I’m observant. I notice stuff most people don’t. The details are what gives people away. I spot stuff sometimes and think man am I just that good or do I have a stalker gene? I will pass on the stalker business.


I’ve decided that I’m enforcing a one strike rule. If you blow it then you are gone. No more I forgive you and please screw me over again. If you let people push your buttons then they will walk all over you. I’m sick of it. From now on I will tell anybody that pulls stunts to bite it sideways. I’m tired of the games and lies. Just be honest. It’s so much easier that way.  Don’t ignore people because you can’t tell them the truth. Say what you mean and mean what you say.



One thought on “Bite it Sideways

  1. I could’ve told you about the one strike rule a very long time ago. Just be patient. You will make some guy very happy one day. I’ve accepted my position in your life and I’m okay with that and all I want is for you to be happy.

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