The Eve of a New

The chill in the air can’t dull the excitement I feel inside. My mind is like the Indy 500. It is loud and crazy in there. I have my foot on the gas pedal and this muscle car is flying. I try to tune out all the noise so I can hear the rumble of the Hemi under the hood of this Challenger. It’s just me and the car. There isn’t anyone for miles. I’m on a mission this New Years Eve.  I decided to take a road trip and lay it on the line. Why on earth would I do something this stupid? Cause YOLO. I can’t stop. I’m on a crazy YOLO train.


I’ve been in the car for nearly five hours. My destination is close and I am getting nervous.  Shortly I will figure out if I have made a huge mistake or not. I sure hope this isn’t a mistake.  When I want to do something then there is no stopping me. Come hell or high water I am doing it.  Life is all about taking chances and gambling. This may turn out horrible but at least I had the guts to make it happen. It’s exciting thinking about what may happen. It’s finally time to park the car and see if I’m leaving here a fool or not.


It feels like an eternity has passed as I gaze up at the stars on this chilly night.  It’s the last night of the year and I’m nowhere near my home.  The sky is lovely as I take it all in. The cold night air is refreshing. The fog rolls off the water and for a moment I’m almost home.  Time passes even faster now. Deep down I realize that he’s not coming. I drove six hours across three states to look at the stars in the sky. The same stars in my sky at home. I tried not to get upset but I went cold. I could feel the tears but I quickly choked them back. I got back in the car so I could start home. I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. The clock on the dash read 11:36. It was going to be a long ride home so coffee was a must.

tears      I didn’t get far down the gravel and dirt road before a tire blew out. This is just what I need. I’m in the middle of nowhere and it’s dark. I’m a tad freaked out because I’m in a strange place so I decide to try to change the tire fast. I don’t have any cell service of course. I’m doing ok with the tire. I’m starting to lose feeling in my hands and my back is locked up. I’ve got the bad tire off and the new tire is next, I had to sit down after i got the new tire on. The pain is pretty intense but I know a short rest will make finishing this up easier. I got up after a few minutes and tightened the lug nuts and took the jack off the car.  I was cleaning up my tools when I heard a voice in the dark. I had my lug wrench in my hand so I gripped it tightly. I got scared.


I could not see the person nor could he see me. I could hear him talking to himself like he was rehearsing for a play or a murder. I wasn’t sure because it was almost midnight and I was about that shank this guy with a lug wrench.  He got louder and it was comical. He was trying to figure out what to say to some lady. I giggled under my breath. He went into this big speech about how he had a flat down the road and she had to still be there, I heard him call her name, That sounded familiar. I heard him say her name again. My name. It was his voice. I called out to him and he let out a startled squeal. I called his name again, I heard a slight commotion followed by fireworks, The sky lit up like the fourth of July in the dead of winter. I saw him coming up the road. I smiled and skipped down the road to him. I grabbed him and hugged him so tight I did not want to let go. The fireworks were breathtaking. I smiled at him in that perfect moment. He told me Happy New Years as I touched his face. That gaze seemed to last hours as if time stood still. He took me in his arms and kissed me and I melted. The fireworks continued and we stood hand in hand and watched them with eyes wide open. The night was full of magic. We slept under the stars on the hood of a car.  Sometimes the best things happen when you take a chance.



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