My Dear Sweet M. You Are Loved

My Dear Sweet M,

I don’t know where to begin. You’ve been through hell and back in the course of a day. There is nothing I can say or do to ease your pain. I wish I could take it away and ease your heart. I wish I had the words. There are no words to comfort you during this time. I can’t fathom the emotions you’ve experienced all at once. The day you meet your baby is supposed to be one of the happiest of days. Today has been bittersweet. I know I have no idea what you feel. It hurts me deeply to see the pain.

The pictures you posted rocked me to my core. There was beauty in those moments of sadness. I saw right through them and I know you did too. I know this will be difficult. People will say the wrong thing. What do you say in a moment like this? Words won’t dull the pain. Words can’t take it back. There is absolutely nothing I can say or do to comfort you. Time is all there is to dull the pain.

You are strong but you do not have to be everyone’s rock. You can grieve. You can be angry. You are entitled. You knew him better than anyone else. It’s not fair that his time was short. I am angry for you and your husband. I am sad for your first-born. I wish you peace and comfort. Know that you are loved. You have a whole community of people who are grieving with you. We are here even if we don’t have the words. We will be the ear in the middle of the night or the shoulder to cry on. Please lean on us. You are brave. You are beautiful and kind. Your angel was his mother’s child. Dear M I want you to know I carry you,J, and W in my heart. I cry for you all. If you ever need me I will be here. We all are here. We love you all. Rest in peace sweet angel Jack. Your family loves you more than you can imagine. Watch over them.

All of My Love,




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