The Haves and the Have Nots

Social media has some good points. I love finding people I lost touch with. I’ve found new friends. I’ve learned so much. I’ve seen raw human emotion. I’ve also seen some of the cruelties of this world. The battered,bruised and broken unite all in one place, It’s kind of home for me. Then there are those that lead a charmed life. They have perfect hair and skin. They live in a beautiful two-story house on the hill with a white, picket fence. They have perfect smiles in every picture they take. Their family consists of a loving spouse and children they had together. Some people have it all. Then there are those of us that have dysfunction and chaos.


I don’t want to come off as bitter. Maybe I am a little bitter. Some of these things are my fault. I have been dealt a shit hand with some of it. I just wonder if I will ever get this right. I have my doubts.  I bought into that American dream bs when I was a little girl. I honestly thought everyone got a happily ever after. I was foolish.All I ever wanted was to be happy. I wanted a home with children and a loving husband. I couldn’t get that right. I don’t think everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of life. I was foolish in my belief that this was some how a basic human right.


I often wonder how some of us end up being so unlucky. If it’s bizarre and unheard of then it will happen to me. Only crazy stuff happens to me. I could write a book on the random misfortunes I’ve been party to. I may never figure out why I am a have not. It drives me crazy to think about it. I hope the haves know how lucky they are. I have pretty much accepted being alone. It does suck at times. I spend most of my time alone. I sleep alone. I go most places alone. I should be used to it by now. Sometimes I think about it way too much. I’ve met people and tried to date. I’m a little hard to handle and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. It usually doesn’t work out. They run. I don’t really blame them.


3 thoughts on “The Haves and the Have Nots

  1. Your post makes me sad. I, too, am a have not and have dealt with an incredible amount of hardship and strife in my life. I am alone as well, most all of the time. However, if there is one thing I have learned in my 59 years on this earth and that is, don’t believe all that you see. All of the “haves” out there are not always what they portray. Many are dealing with addiction, sexual and domestic abuse, health issues, mental health issues, problem kids and that beautiful house and car you see may be causing them to declare bankruptcy. Everyone has a story. I have learned to accept mine and try and be grateful for my problems because when I see some of the problems even the “haves” are dealing with, I’m thankful that mine seem so miniscule compared to theirs. There’s a great site called You should listen to a few. It’s where people (including me) participate in a podcast (audio only) about things they have overcome and how they came out on the other side. MIne is called We Are More Connected Than You Know and even if you should choose not to listen to mine, there are many others who share theirs. It helps me to know I’m not alone, really alone and listening to others tell their stories is really inspiring and like I said, someitmes will make you happy for the problems you do have. My heart is with you, more than you know and I promise you are not alone! xoxoxo ❤

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    • I saw that but haven’t had a chance to listen. I’m glad you commented and reminded me. I saw the post when I was on my iPhone and meant to check it out when I got home on my laptop. Well I fogot..of course. It sounded very interesting and it fit. I know most of it is just for show. I know some people have the real deal and I’m jealous of those “Haves”. Man I’ve seen some of those unfold and the truth is far more sinister than my imagination dreamed about. It made my solitude seem like a prize compares to all that crazy. Lol. Thanks for the love. I do adore the Sas and feel honored that you commented. Xoxoxoxo


  2. I am so much like you it’s almost scary. You and I could be sisters……I am adopted, but you are much younger. At least you didn’t go through 3 asshats before you realized what worth you had. I did. And #3 left 3 months ago. Funny how sucky things come in 3’s. Will keep reading your page. Please visit mine or my Facebook or whatever other 10 links I have lol. ❤


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