Today started out like most everyday. It was full of promise. I had plans this evening. Yesterday I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with my “friend” then a fun night with my boys and him. I was excited about our movie and dinner at home tonight. I cooked a nice dinner and made dessert.

The hours passed and he never showed up. I finally sent a text and tried to call. Nothing. I knew that he wasn’t coming. My little guy got upset because he wanted to watch the movie. I got his mind off of it. I let my friend know that my little guy cried. I did get a reply and that was all.

I said whatever I could think if even though it fell on deaf ears. So I guess this means it’s over. Our friendship and whatever else could have been is done. It hurts. I’ve never laughed so easily with someone or felt that comfortable with somebody. I guess I’m stupid and I suck at this. I hate crying myself to sleep but that’s where I’m headed. I just don’t understand. If I could only know what I did wrong. I’m so sorry. Why did I deserve to be hurt?


8 thoughts on “Over

  1. Well. I am sorry that he couldn’t man up and bow out gracefully. I’m sad that he hurt you, but angry that he hurt your kid. That’s unacceptable. At least you did get a response on that, but he should have had the common courtesy to do it the right way. I’m sorry you are hurt, and hate that you feel the need to apologize. You did nothing wrong. Hugs to you.

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  2. So sorry! Sorry, too, that your little guy was hurt, there is nothing worse. No one deserves to be treated like this. I can say all the things….you’re better off without him….he doesn’t deserve you….but, in the end, it still hurts. I hope your heart heals quickly and that your little guy is back to being joyful. Hugs!

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