That Escalated Quickly 

I wrote a post the other day chronicling my misfortune. My iPhone ate it and WordPress let it happen. I’m glad that happened. I can say today that I don’t give a damn what happened last week. I could care less about the people that are no longer in my life. I don’t care because I dodged a bullet. Actually I was tap dancing on a land mine.

It cracks me up when people do you wrong and they want to be shitty towards you. Listen, I don’t give a damn about you or putting you in your place. You mean that little to me. When I no longer served a purpose to you then I saw you. The real you. I don’t care for that one much. I didn’t deserve what you did nor your nasty attitude. I’m glad everything played out the way it did.

I’m happy as hell I’m in the clear. I went from upset to idgaf in the course of a week. Damn. That did escalate quickly. I’m ready to forget that little bump in the road. I will enjoy killing them off in one of my short stories.


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