Suge Knight: Thug Life Meets Prison Life


“Suge is in Lockup for a simple misunderstanding,” the campaign originally read. “Please help put together the $202,500 to help get him out. If we fall short we will just put the money on his books. please help.” KJ Simpson on the GoFundMe page he created for Suge Knight……The powers that be over at GoFundMe have removed Felicia’s page. I mean Suge.. Have a look.

Now let me drag this poor guy for a moment. How in the hell is running over a human being with your car a simple misunderstanding? Vehicular homicide and assault with a motor vehicle do not fall within the simple mistake category. If I bought a can of unsweetened applesauce instead of sweetened I’d consider it a simple mistake. If someone misunderstood what I said and wrote down the wrong phone number I’d consider it a simple misunderstanding. Never in my life would I consider mowing down another person with my car and killing them a simple misunderstanding. I’m confused here. Clearly Suge Knight is too. This man has pulled stunts for as long as I can remember. Quiet as it’s kept I’m sure this ain’t his first homicide involvement.


Exhibit A

Yes, I am going there. I sure hope Suge and his camp won’t retaliate against my country ass. I’m not the first to point fingers and most certainly won’t be the last. I’ve read many theories on Suge Knight and his involvement in the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace AKA Biggie Smalls. The conspiracy theories are all over the internet. I could read all the information and it would take a year to sift through it. That’s not counting the case file of the shooting of Tupac. Some of the articles are too far-fetched. Some raise valid points. I followed a LA journalist for some time. His research made the most sense to me. If I could only remember who he was.

oitnb suge

Suge Knight has stepped in so much crap over the years and he always comes out smelling like a rose. How in the hell has he cheated death as many times as he did? He got shot like five times at Chris Brown’s VMA party. I think Justin Bieber was there too. Yes, you may laugh. I still do.  I do believe Mr. Knight was the intended target. Brown and Bieber aren’t even in the same arena as Suge.  Why was he targeted? Because he is not a good person. Suge Knight sits in jail. I’m not sure how long he’s going to be there this time. Suge can and has gotten away with murder before. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if the former Death Row Records executive didn’t make it out of jail. His luck may run out. I think someone will retaliate and end his life. It’s a shame that he’s gotten away with so much. Stay tuned for more Suge Knight Drama. This man can’t stop.


3 thoughts on “Suge Knight: Thug Life Meets Prison Life

  1. It be wondrefull for him to be reallize from jail i wonder ehat whould he do next
    Whould he own death row again whould he start over would he explain and awnser quistions abouth the mystrize murder of 2pac ?? Only time could tell

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