Something was stirred within my soul. Life was breathed into my tired heart. I felt it skip a beat with mention of a journey. Two hundred eighty-five miles away, your words melt my icy heart. I am no longer still. My mind is racing at the thought of you. So many times I’ve come close to hitting the road and finding you.

 This game we play is a dangerous one. I walk the line of reality and fantasy. I’m in between a dream and a lie. The butterflies dance in my head. I’m drunk with my desire.  My habit is you. I’m not well nor do I plan to overcome it.

So many times I think of you. Things get intense in my mind. It’s not the arena I’d hoped for but ’twas all I had. You are a dream yet you are real life. You awakened something within me. I can not silence my heart. Wait for me. I promise. I will be there soon.


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